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What is an Open Frame Monitor?

An Open Frame Monitor is a display that comes with only a metal chassis to hold the components into place. There is no bezel or enclosure surrounding the chassis. Open frame monitors are typically used for commercial or industrial grade applications that do not require an enclosure, since the monitor itself will likely be integrated or designed into a larger enclosure. Open frame monitors allow for the designer or integrator to freely design the unit into any application that requires a display. A Caltron open frame monitor is designed for a direct drop in with plug and play features so the unit can be used directly out of the box. Open frame monitors are designed with all industrial grade components to withstand and endure the element of almost any harsh environment.

Caltron Provides Industrial Displays and ...

Caltron specializes in embedded industrial products like open frame monitors, open frame touch screen monitors, and touch panel pc's for equipment manufacturers.

Since 1997, Caltron Industries has been working to establish strategic partnerships with customers to enable that all needs are met for projects that require industrial grade open frame monitor, open frame touch screen, industrial touchscreen monitors, or touchscreen panel pc. Caltron continues to provide new technology display products, while making sure their product proformance is at the top of the industy - as it has in the past many years. We can work with OEM/ODM and integrators to meet special project needs. We also specialize in assisting customers by providing the necessary products and tools for a prototype project. Caltron will assist and provide information and technical support that is needed for any product that we have, in order to satisfy a customer's needs for a project or application.

Digital Signage Media Player and Sign Display

Caltron also specializes in Digital Signage products to accommodate the needs of digital signage applications and assist customers who want to have dynamic digital signage displays and advertising digital signage media players for their application, if they do not currently have one. New digital signage players are constantly being designed to meet the demand of our customers and special OEM projects can always be accommodated should Caltron’s Digital Signage Media Players be a good fit for the application in question.

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