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15 in Touch Screen Monitor w P-Cap Screen | Reverse Compatible Touchscreen Monitors

New 15 inch Touch Screen Monitor with Improved Performance

Caltron Industries has engineered the new LBT-1503OC for IT specialists who appreciate a quality 15-inch touchscreen monitor that can be easily integrated into their human machine interface (HMI) systems. 

The LBT-1503OC features Caltron’s well-known and highly adaptable open-frame construction, which facilitates even the most complex upgrades. Touch screen monitor frames are built of sturdy metal that holds up to the rigors of constant use in all types of applications, including retail, gaming, aviation, kiosks, healthcare, and finance. 

Caltron also has incorporated its five-point projected capacitive (P-Cap) technology into its newest 15-inch monitor, which is supported by Linux, Windows, and Mac. Common in smartphones, P-Cap is widely considered to be today’s premier touchscreen technology for high noise immunity, responsiveness and accuracy. 

Caltron's Back-Compatible LBT-1503OC Monitor Adds P-Cap and Stronger Construction

The 15” LBT-1503OC touch screen monitor is well-suited for projects that involve working with multiple, older formats. Every touchscreen monitor manufactured by Caltron has backward compatibility, so integration with older formats is never a problem. 

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LBT-1503OC Display Monitor Your Industrial Touch Screen Products Best Selection

Our Versatile LBT 1503OC Monitor: the Perfect Fit for Your Touch Screen Products

Because of Caltron Industries’ new LBT-1503OC touchscreen monitor, designers and builders of human-interface systems now have a robust, 15-inch touchscreen monitor at their disposal that seamlessly integrates into numerous HMI systems.

Caltron has engineered the LBT-1503OC touchscreen for optimal functionality and flexibility for industrial applications in fields such as healthcare, finance, retail, gaming, and aviation. The monitor is built for heavy duty commercial use and features Caltron’s enduring open frame design.


Introduced in the mid-2000s, open frame construction monitors are highly adaptable - a business can install replacement upgrades quickly and easily while avoiding costly downtime. All Caltron touchscreen monitors have backward compatibility that facilitates integration with older formats.

With a brightness of 360 nits, the LBT-1503OC is also the solution for companies looking for a quality 15-inch touch screen monitor that can be used in virtually any setting, indoors or outdoors. Caltron has also outfitted the LBT-1503OC with advanced LED backlighting instead of traditional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps.

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Caltron Introduces Groundbreaking 12-Inch HMI Monitor Design

Caltron Industries has introduced the LBT-1212OC, a groundbreaking 12-inch touch screen monitor that features major improvements in optics, assembly, and touch-screen capability.

The LBT-1212OC touch screen monitor is built for heavy-duty human machine interface applications such as gaming, retail, interactive kiosks, ATMs, and healthcare equipment. Caltron has incorporated “projected capacitive” - or P-Cap - touchscreen technology into the LBT-1212OC, which provides for multi-finger touch capability and bright, clear displays superior to those of touch technologies such as restive and surface acoustic wave. 

The P-Cap interface is also well-suited to resist water and dust so it can be used for both indoor functions and outdoor applications such as ticket dispensers. 

Display resolution of Caltron’s new monitor is 1024x768, higher than the 800x600 of other monitors. The improved resolution and palm-sized active interact area allows more information to be displayed on the screen compared to other 12-inch monitors. 

Caltron Industries, a leading manufacturer of innovative open-frame monitors for nearly 20 years, has also engineered the LBT-1212OC to be “drop-in ready,” or easily integrated into various industrial systems for shorter assembly and production times. 

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Caltron’s Innovative LBT 1212OC Touch Screen Monitor

With the LBT-1212OC, Caltron Industries has built an innovative 12-inch touch screen monitor that meets business owners’ demands for a durable, cost-effective HMI solution that  incorporates state-of-the-art technology.

With a “drop-in ready” design that is easily integrated into a variety of systems, the open-frame LBT-1212OC is well-suited for use in industries such as healthcare, financial, gaming, and retail. Made for indoor or outdoor use, Caltron’s touch display monitor is also ideal for ATMs, ticket dispenser displays, and kiosk interactive displays.

Caltron has engineered the LBT-1212OC to increase productivity and boost the profitability of the 21st century business. The monitor stands apart in many ways, including: 

   The way it’s built. Quality construction consists of a double-metal structure, robust touch sensors and commercial grade components that stand up to heavy use over time. The industrial grade LCD panel is guaranteed a three-to-five-year product life span, meaning lower replacement costs. Strategically located vents, not fans, cool the monitor and make operation quieter. 

   Straightforward integration. The LBT-1212OC’s touch screen display’s open-frame design enables fast assembly and flexibility in future product upgrades. Backward compatibility makes integration with older formats possible. 

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