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LWT-101O 10” Touchscreen Monitor | Widescreen and P-Cap Enabled

The LWT-101O, Another Tough Caltron Widescreen Monitor

New 10” Touch Screen Provides P-Cap and Widescreen Advantages

The LWT-101O, Caltron Industries’ latest addition to its line of 10.1 inch touchscreen monitors, is ideal for kiosks, vending machines or virtually any other business application that requires a versatile, easily installed widescreen panel.

Integrating the LWT-101O into your system is simplified because of Caltron’s well-known open-frame design.  The “drop-in ready” construction will not change, even when subsequent generations of LCD panels are introduced, making it an enduring, cost-saving feature favored by business owners and entrepreneurs conscious of the bottom line.

The LWT-101O comes with a choice of the two most common touch technologies, resistive touch or five-point projected capacitive. You can choose from the flexibility and accuracy of resistive or the ultra-responsiveness of multi-touch P-cap, used in most smartphones. Both technologies are fully supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.

The LWT-101O also comes with standard video graphic array and HDMI inputs, but Caltron can customize the product with additional inputs, including analog audio inputs.

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15 in Touch Screen Monitor w P-Cap Screen | Reverse Compatible Touchscreen Monitors

New 15 inch Touch Screen Monitor with Improved Performance

Caltron Industries has engineered the new LBT-1503OC for IT specialists who appreciate a quality 15-inch touchscreen monitor that can be easily integrated into their human machine interface (HMI) systems.

The LBT-1503OC features Caltron’s well-known and highly adaptable open-frame construction, which facilitates even the most complex upgrades. Touch screen monitor frames are built of sturdy metal that holds up to the rigors of constant use in all types of applications, including retail, gaming, aviation, kiosks, healthcare, and finance.

Caltron also has incorporated its five-point projected capacitive (P-Cap) technology into its newest 15-inch monitor, which is supported by Linux, Windows, and Mac. Common in smartphones, P-Cap is widely considered to be today’s premier touchscreen technology for high noise immunity, responsiveness, and accuracy.

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