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Digital Signage For Menu Boards & Media Playback

As LCD flat panel touchscreen displays become more affordable, they have moved out of high-end home AV displays and into the commercial world. From menu boards to retail digital signage, LCD flat panel displays (also known as touchscreen displays) offer a wide range of functionality: public information displays, retail advertising, digital information displays, and much more. With crystal-clear video and rich audio, LCD technology maximizes AV displays, replacing traditional print, old-style menu boards, and still images for a dynamic digital signage experience.

The latest LCD flat panel touch screen display technology offers the best of all worlds by combining the latest video playback capabilities with high-resolution still images. Caltron makes this all possible while combining functionality and reliability. With Caltron's 15 inch LCD Flat Panel Displays, dynamic advertising becomes a simple fully integrated solution for retail countertops.

Caltron's LCD flat panel displays include:

LCD Flat Panel Media Display

For the best in AV and industrial touchscreen displays and media playback, look no further than Caltron's MD-15 LCD Flat Panel Display. With a large 15 inch display and fully integrated MPEG/JPEG capabilities, the MD-15 LCD Flat Panel Display is perfect for digital menu boards, video advertising, retail TV, and other media playback uses.


Ultra Wide Stretch Bar LCD Monitor

For advertising displays that require an extra long monitor to provide a different type of display, Caltron's 28 inch ultra wide stretch bar LCD monitor is perfect for delivering the perfect content and can be connected to any source that has a VGA, DVI or S-Video output.


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