MP-02B | Networkable Standard Def Digital Signage Player

DISCONTINUED The MP-02B has been replaced by the MP-02V

Caltron's MP-02B, network digital signage player offers digital sign in a compact network-capable package with complimentary management software that is easy to learn and operate. Traditional PC Digital Signage solution requires a dedicated PC for each display. This solution is not only more expensive but also more cumbersome.

PCs leave a larger footprint in price, space, as well as maintenance, don't even mention less protected operating systems. Single PC solutions only display the same content across multiple screens. There are still costs associated in adding multiple displays.

The MP-02B video playback system offers digital signage capabilities in a compact network-capable package. Interface with new customers through dynamic signage or download online data -- it's all possible with the MP-02B.

The MP-02B Network MPEG playback system can store and load DVD-quality audio and video (MPEG1/2/4, MP3, JPEG) from Compact Flash cards up to 4GB, perfect for broadcasting solutions.

Similar to its predacessor, the MP-02A, it has the same design and is cosmetically similar, except the MP-02B has an updated chipset that allows for faster proessing of content and allows for a flash drive to also be used along with a CF card for content storage. This player allows for the storage medium to hold up to 32 GB, compared to the MP-02A with only 8 GB.


MP-02B Quick Facts

  • 640 x 480 resolution output video and picture
  • Use either program or web-based management software
  • Supports MPEG1 (.mpg, .dat) - MPEG2 (.mpg, .avi) - MPEG4 SP, ASP (.avi, .asf, .divx) video
  • Text-based playlist commands to schedule media content playback
  • Recommended codec is divx or xvid at less than 5 mbps video bit rate

Standard Features

  • Playlist creator to schedule media files or separate playlists
  • Windows based Client Administration Tool for XP and Vista operating systems
  • Multiple output display options including component and VGA
  • Displays JPEG/motion, JPEG, MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4(AVI), for retail TV and video advertising
  • Mounting flange for secured mount
  • 24/7 schedule playback ability

Included in the package

  • Remote Control
  • +12V power adapter and cords
  • Video and audio cables
  • MP-02B Network Signage Player


Model Number MP-02B
CPU 32 bits RISC and 64 bits DSP dual processors (ES6461)
System Memory 16MB SDRAM, 2MB Flash ROM
Network EEE 802.3 Ethernet single chip (SMC 9113) and 2 LED's
Supported File Formats
Photo JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg) - Support resolution up to 5120x3840 (output resolution is 640x480)
Audio MP3 (.mp3) from 32k to 256K bps - PCM wave (.wav)
Video MPEG1 (.mpg, .dat) - MPEG2 (.mpg, .avi) - MPEG4 SP, ASP (.avi, .asf, .divx) - Motion-JPEG (.avi) - Video Output: NTSC 640x480 or PAL 720x576
Photo Type I/II Compact Flash Slot
Audio Output 2 Channel Stereo Jack
Video Output Component Video/A/V Composite/VGA Connectors
Voltage +12V
Operating Temperature 0[32]-60[140] ℃[℉]
Humidity 0-85% relative humidity, non-condensing
Dimensions (WxHxD) 132[5.20] x 102[4.02] x 30[1.18] mm[inch]
Net Weight 0.450 Kg/ 1 lbs


 Adding Content


File Type Description  
PDF MP-02B Digital Signage Player Data Sheet
PDF MP-02B Digital Signage Player User Manual
PDF MP-02B Digital Signage Player Network Guide
PDF MP-02B Digital Signage Player Internet Guide
PDF iCAT User Guide

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