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Durable Interactive Monitors For Industrial Applications

Industrial touchscreen monitors have become mainstream over the past few years. Industrial touch screen monitors are no longer limited to just specialized applications. Touchscreen monitors provide an interactive display that engages users while streamlining the overall form factor of a kiosk or unit. The applications are nearly limitless, from public information touch displays, industrial control panels, and much more. Without cumbersome keys that can malfunction or get damaged, these industrial touch screen displays are an elegant solution that provides total control from a user’s fingertips.

Caltron’s core design philosophy focuses on an easier touchscreen user experience. Through touch displays, interaction is simplified -- onscreen graphics and animation indicate only what is necessary, without the need for excessive physical buttons. For OEMs, this helps ensure that the end-user gets a quality-controlled experience -- all at affordable prices to maximize the touchscreen display possibilities!

Touch Displays Have Longer Life Cycle

Industrial devices can go through any number of rugged situations during their product cycle. The right touchscreen monitors can guarantee that critical functionality remains available, no matter what happens to the chassis. Caltron’s commitment to consistency allows for a variety of touch display sizes, ensuring long-term compatibility for integrators and OEMs. By maintaining uniformity, engineers can feel safe that their designs won’t be hemmed in by limited interactive display size -- even for newer LCD panels.

View Caltron’s industrial touchscreen monitor lineup below -- and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact Caltron today for the right interactive display solution.


Industrial Touch Screen Monitor Categories

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LCD Touch Screen Monitor LED Backlit Touch Screen Monitor
High Bright Touch Screen Monitor  


Whether it’s a commercial touch display or an industrial interactive monitor, just about every situation is unique. Do you want to use an open frame? Does your touchscreen monitor need to be sunlight readable? Caltron’s many different form factors offer flexible options for nearly any application.

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Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen Monitor Resistive Touch Screen Monitor


Caltron touchscreen displays utilize both forms of industry-standard technology: surface acoustic wave and resistive. Regardless of your application, one of these is the right fit for you.


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