6 Inch Monitor
6 Inch Monitor
6.5 Inch Open Frame Monitor - front view
6.5 Inch Resistive Touch Screen Open Frame Monitor - front view

6 Inch LCD Industrial Touch Screen Monitors

With an LCD brightness rated at 800 nits, the 6.5 inch industrial 4:3 aspect ratio LED LCD open frame touch screen monitor is a suitable candidate for both indoor and outdoor applications where lighting can be an issue. Our 6 inch open frame touch screen monitor is designed to be compact so that it can fit into any enclosure that has limited spacing. Since the touch screen monitor weighs just slightly over 1 pound, even with a touch panel integrated, it is still compact enough to integrate into many solutions without worry.

Reasons to Design a 6" Open Frame Touch Screens into an application

Although small, the 6" touch screen open frame comes equipped with a rugged and sturdy chassis to hold the LCD panel firmly in place and like all of Caltron’s other open frame monitors and touch screen monitors, there is no worry for a chassis redesign because all of the touch screen monitors come with a unique chassis design that will not change throughout the lifetime of the monitor. Choose from a 6 inch resistive or surface acoustic wave touch screen monitors in USB or RS232 format. The size of the 6.5 inch touch screen monitor allows for easy design integration into larger applications or control panels.

Industrial Touch Screen Options

With the 6" touch screen monitors, there are a couple of touch options available. The touch formats available are eith a 5-Wire Resistive or Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) touch option.  All touch components are integrated by trained technicians and are comprised of industrial grade quality to ensure that the unit holds up in rugged environments and is able to function with 24/7 use.


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    Model Description
    LBT-0651OTEAR 6.5" Resistive Serial LCD Open Frame Touchmonitor
    LBT-0651OTEARU 6.5" Resistive USB LCD Open Frame Touchmonitor
    LBT-0651OTEAS 6.5" SAW Serial LCD Open Frame Industrial Touchmonitor
    LBT-0651OTEASU 6.5" SAW USB LCD Open Frame Industrial Touchmonitor
    LCD Panel
    LCD Panel 6.5 inch
    Aspect Ratio 4:3
    Max Resolution 640 x 480
    Contrast Ratio 600:1
    Brightness 640 cd/m(Resistive), 720 cd/m(SAW)
    Backlight MTBF 50,000 hours (at 25° C)
    Viewing Angle ±80° L/R, ±70° U/D (typical at CR=10)
    Operating Temperature -25~80° C [-22~176° F]
    Net Weight 0.925 Kg [2 lbs]
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 212 x 146 x 62 mm [8.35 x 5.75 x 2.44 inch]
    • Compliant with major safety regulations
    • Perfect for kiosk, equipment and instrument drop-in designs
    • Superior viewing angles, contrast ratio and brightness
    • Robust CNC milled open frame enclosure
    • Unique design accounts for heat ventilation
    • Durable Touchscreen options
    • DVI, Composite and BNC video input options

    8 inch open frame monitor diagram

    LBT-0651O animation LBT-0651OTEARU introduction    
    4:3 Aspect Model Description
    LBT-0651O 6 Inch LCD Open Frame Monitor
    LBV-0651O 6 Inch LCD Open Frame Monitor w/ Composite Video & S-Video
    LBD-0651O 6 Inch LCD Open Frame Monitor w/ DVI