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Caltron’s Line of 19-Inch Monitors Offer Durability, Ease of Installation

With the LBT-1904O and HBT-1904O line, Caltron Industries offers robust 19-inch open frame monitors with improved touch technology that retain a reliably easy-to-install design.

Engineers can count on Caltron’s tried-and-true open-frame design to simplify integration into an existing system. The “drop-in” construction, which has remained unchanged for more than 10 years, facilitates upgrades for years to come and features backward compatibility with older systems.

Caltron's 19-inch monitors are engineered for use in a variety of settings, including kiosks, ticket dispensers, and vending machines, as well as medical and aviation industries. Models include the LBT-1904OC and HBT-1904OC, which feature advanced P-Cap touch technology.

This version of P-Cap has high noise immunity and is responsive even when the user is wearing gloves, overcoming two functionality challenges that prevented many businesses from using conventional P-Cap. 

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Caltron’s LWT-101O: Easy to Integrate

10 Inch Touchscreen Monitors Designed with the customer in Mind

The LWT-101O 10” touchscreen monitor’s installation is so easy, it’s hard to believe it can perform so many tasks so well.

Caltron Industries, a leader in the development of lightweight, wide-screen monitors over the past 20 years, has designed the LWT-101O for the convenience of equipment engineers facing both budget and time constraints.

LWT-101O YouTube video

Your design staff can appreciate the straightforward open-frame design, consisting of a strong metal housing with no enclosure, making the monitor “drop-in ready” for integration into medical, pharmaceutical and vending machine applications. A hefty 2-millimeter metal tray provides durable support for the LCD panel, even with around-the-clock use.

Because Caltron’s open-frame concept does not change from one generation to the next, the future addition of any model from the LWT-101O series of 10 inch touch monitors always involves the same simple process.

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The LWT-101O, Another Tough Caltron Widescreen Monitor

New 10” Touch Screen Provides P-Cap and Widescreen Advantages

The LWT-101O, Caltron Industries’ latest addition to its line of 10.1 inch touchscreen monitors, is ideal for kiosks, vending machines or virtually any other business application that requires a versatile, easily installed widescreen panel.

Integrating the LWT-101O into your system is simplified because of Caltron’s well-known open-frame design.  The “drop-in ready” construction will not change, even when subsequent generations of LCD panels are introduced, making it an enduring, cost-saving feature favored by business owners and entrepreneurs conscious of the bottom line.


The LWT-101O comes with a choice of the two most common touch technologies, resistive touch or five-point projected capacitive. You can choose from the flexibility and accuracy of resistive or the ultra-responsiveness of multi-touch P-cap, used in most smartphones. Both technologies are fully supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.

The LWT-101O also comes with standard video graphic array and HDMI inputs, but Caltron can customize the product with additional inputs, including analog audio inputs.

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