New Series of 21.5in Touchscreens Provide Options for Innovative Applications

The new line of LWT-215O 21.5 in touchscreen monitors from Caltron Industries enables application and equipment design engineers to meet the demands of a variety of interface requirements for large-screen applications.  Resistive and capacitive touch options have been integrated, offering great flexibility for different use applications.

With the different types of touch technology available, the LWT-215O series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including digital signage, gaming, entertainment, ATMs, kiosks, and the medical industry.

Choices include:

• The LWT-215OR features resistive touch, the most widespread touch technology today. Resistive touch is activated by a finger or an object such as a stylus.

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How to make private information show safely in public applications

An industrial touch monitor is invaluable in areas where there may be limited space or where you are in a common area, and the private content on the screen must be protected.  As one who works or accesses in an environment where private information is revealed, Caltron has ensured that we have the right products to protect users from incidents where their private information may be compromised.

Over the last two decades, LCD screens have been greatly improved. Their viewing angles are much better and a departure from the conventional left and right viewing angles. This improvement has made it possible to keep information publicized on a screen invisible to those around. At the same time, LCD displays have also eliminated the worry about information being accessed by other people on a shared monitor.

For that reason, private information exposure on a screen need to be defended. Our first step was bringing in monitors that provide protection. The privacy-filtered industrial touch displays from Caltron provided the practical solution.  Privacy filters are polarized sheets of plastic that can be placed between an LCD screen and touch overlay to prevent anyone from seeing what is on the screen unless they are viewing it from straight on.

What kind of applications need privacy industrial touch displays

On industrial touchscreen monitors with privacy filters can be used to protect information like patient information on health care service cart, private information on bank ATMs, personal identity on the immigration passport scanning kiosk, ballot data on the voting machine, and traveler literary on train/air ticket dispenser. 

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Caltron’s Line of 19-Inch Monitors Offer Durability, Ease of Installation

With the LBT-1904O and HBT-1904O line, Caltron Industries offers robust 19-inch open frame monitors with improved touch technology that retain a reliably easy-to-install design.

Engineers can count on Caltron’s tried-and-true open-frame design to simplify integration into an existing system. The “drop-in” construction, which has remained unchanged for more than 10 years, facilitates upgrades for years to come and features backward compatibility with older systems.

Caltron's 19-inch monitors are engineered for use in a variety of settings, including kiosks, ticket dispensers, and vending machines, as well as medical and aviation industries. Models include the LBT-1904OC and HBT-1904OC, which feature advanced P-Cap touch technology.

This version of P-Cap has high noise immunity and is responsive even when the user is wearing gloves, overcoming two functionality challenges that prevented many businesses from using conventional P-Cap. 

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Caltron’s LWT-101O: Easy to Integrate

10 Inch Touchscreen Monitors Designed with the customer in Mind

The LWT-101O 10” touchscreen monitor’s installation is so easy, it’s hard to believe it can perform so many tasks so well.

Caltron Industries, a leader in the development of lightweight, wide-screen monitors over the past 20 years, has designed the LWT-101O for the convenience of equipment engineers facing both budget and time constraints.

LWT-101O YouTube video

Your design staff can appreciate the straightforward open-frame design, consisting of a strong metal housing with no enclosure, making the monitor “drop-in ready” for integration into medical, pharmaceutical and vending machine applications. A hefty 2-millimeter metal tray provides durable support for the LCD panel, even with around-the-clock use.

Because Caltron’s open-frame concept does not change from one generation to the next, the future addition of any model from the LWT-101O series of 10 inch touch monitors always involves the same simple process.

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