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Digital video signage and media advertising are absolutely crucial for all aspects of today's business. From media signage at gas pumps to digital media advertising rotating products in retail windows, digital signage can do everything that traditional print signage could -- only much more so. Simply put, the right digital/media signage can engage audiences in ways like never before; thus, the trick is to get the right digital signage partner. Caltron can offer standalone looping players to network players that come in single screen to having zoning options as well.

Caltron Industries specializes in high-quality digital media advertising products, from standard def video signage to HD media signage with multiple file-type support. Caltron's products come in a variety of combination to fulfill your digital signage needs, including:

  • Standalone digital signage media players
  • Networked digital media advertising
  • Fully integrated 15 inch digital media signage displays
  • For digital signage videos, please go HERE

With a robust content management system, simple configuration, and easy networking, Caltron's digital media signage solutions lead the market in audio/visual clarity, functionality, and price. With high quality components and sturdy construction, Caltron's products promise to be reliable even in the harshest conditions, ensuring digital signage availability wherever you might need them.

Digital Signage Media Players to deliver dynamic content

With many media player options available to use, trying to find the correct one can be quite a challenge. Looking for players that have options such as looping, provides content management or offers scheduling can be daunting, especially when options that are sometimes not required are added onto the package without a choice. When trying to deliver content that can easily reach your target audience, finding the proper player is completely necessary. Caltron offers a variety of media players that can be used in almost any application. Applications such as transit, menu boards or plublic announcement boards are just a few examples of where media players can be used, but there are definitely many more uses for digital signage players. With the slim design of each player, it can be easily hidden away from the public view.All of Caltron's digital signage players are designed to be simple to use and offers the necessary looping and playback capabilities. Some of Caltron's more complex players include network digital signage media players that can play media through a playlist and schedule. The same systems come in standard or high definition. All network players come with free content management software to update the players remotely for easy management of large groups of players or just one.

Digital Signage Player (Video Signage / Digital Media Advertising)

Caltron's digital signage players are perfect for video signage and digital media advertising. Featuring SD/HD options and MPEG1/2/4 support, along with JPEGS and MP3s, these digital signage players are flexible, reliable, and affordable.

LCD Media Signage Display (All-in-One Displays)

With the latest LCD display technology, Caltron's all-in-one digital media advertising LCDs come in a rugged and sleek chassis with a rotary counter for fast file switching. Featuring MPEG1/24, JPEG, and MP3 support, Caltron's LCD media signage displays are easily configured for any environment.

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