LCD Open Frame Monitors

Drop-In Bezel Free Displays for Industrial Equipment

Caltron's industrial 4:3 aspect ratio open frame monitor line card now uses LED backlit panels instead of traditional CCFL panels. It is currently available as an option for the 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch and 19-inch open frames. Our open frame monitors outfitted with a high-grade industrial LED panel beats out CCFL panels in almost every traditional spec comparison with just a slight depth increase but overall the same footprint.

Compared to CCFL panels, LED panels are more environmentally friendly, output a brighter screen, consume less power, extend view angles and can be used outdoor. As the industry continues the migration to LED as the de facto standard for display solutions, Caltron remains as the forefront to supply high-quality LED screens. Want to learn more about our full range industrial touch screen monitors?

Advantages of LED Backlit LCD Monitor

LED displays typically have a higher brightness rating while consuming less energy at the same time. Like all of Caltron’s industrial monitors, all units come with a sturdy chassis that will remain consistent throughout the lifetime of the unit, even if there are panel revisions. All chassis are milled from a CNC machine to ensure uniformity for all displays. Some applications that the industrial monitor can go into would be: CNC machines, instrumentation control panels, Kiosks, digital signage, keypads, ATMs, and other such industrial equipment.