Sunlight Readable Widescreen LCD Open Frame Monitors

Consumer electronics are not designed for optimal use outside. Tablets, laptops and smartphones are best used for internal use. In outdoor work environments ranging from construction sites to landscaping companies, easy visibility improves productivity, reduces eye strain. At Caltron Industries, Inc, we provide several new high brightness open frame monitors that function as a sunlight readable industrial monitors.

Improve Working Outdoors With Sunlight Readable Display Monitors

The Caltron Industries High Bright Open Frame Monitors are designed for outdoor work environments. When working outside, strong, direct sunlight makes viewing a screen difficult. The sun not only reflects off of the sleek surface of the screen, causing glare, but the screen itself typically isn't bright enough for optimal viewing ability. With the Caltron Industries High Bright Open Frame Monitors, it is possible to take the screen in the field and read it in any condition.

The screen itself is manufactured in 16:9 and 16:10 ratios, which is ideal for any environment (especially those where sunlight and other forms of high ambient light may obstruct viewing of the screen). The sunlight readable industrial monitor works inside and out.

Experience the Benefits of Ultra Bright Industrial LCD Screen Panels

All Carlton monitors are installed onto rugged CNC machines. This way, the sunlight readable industrial monitor not only has the ability to display a near perfect image in any level of brightness, but the rugged design allows for transport onto work sites, construction zones and any other outdoor location. Drops, shock and sudden impacts do not damage monitors with the suggest design of the display.

When it comes to working in the field, having a monitor capable of functioning in any condition is important. The Caltron Industries High Bright Open Frame Monitors are designed to provide optimal viewing capability in any condition within a rugged, industrial frame.

HWT-121O 12" sunlight readable open frame display      
12 inch sunlight readable LCD open frame display monitor Resolution: 1280 x 800 | Brightness: 1000 Nits | Viewing Angle: ±88° Left/Right, ±88° Up/Down      


Sunlight readable widescreen open frame monitors are designed for applications in brighter environments, such as outdoor kiosk displays. All monitors standard input is D-Sub 15 pin VGA and HDMI ports, options are Resistive or PCap Touch Screen.